DePro is engaged in the R&D production, trade in the new, and modernization of the existing munitions and defense equipment, as well as in the application of high-tech solutions in hailstorm defense, as well as in other civil applications.

The Company EDePro (Engine Development and Production) has a long tradition in the development, design, and production of turbojet and rocket engines. Production based on EDePro's own technology for thermoplastic composite solid propellant grain exceeded 400 tons in the year 2020. The strategic commitments of EDePro as OEM are:

• Research and development in the field of jet propulsion, based on liquid fuels and solid propellants;

• Design and production of unguided ground to ground rockets, guided ground to ground, air to ground and air to air missiles

• Design and production of low power and thrust turbojet engines intended for UAV, motor glider, helicopter, and mock-up power plants;

• Development, design, and production of a guidance control system for different flying platforms

• Development, design, and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for different applications;

• Development, design, and production of modern munitions and weapon systems and defense equipment;

• Overhaul and modernization of the existing munitions and weapon systems;

• Various training programs, expert, specialist, and scientific courses in the areas of the Company’s expertise and transfer of different technologies.

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EDePro, Kružni Put, Belgrade, Serbia
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