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Research to evaluate and analyse use of guidance and control technology to remote guidance techniques for underwater weapons, and to integrated precision attack techniques, MLRS and other ballistic systems. Also includes work to understand the application of silicon microsystems technology to precision G&C systems employed in missiles. Also includes work to understand obsolescence management and technology insertion in the context of G&C systems. Seekers/Homers (both above and underwater) - Research to evaluate and analyse seeker/homer systems used in both air-launched and underwater weapon systems and attack platforms. Also includes work to exploit advanced focal plane arrays and related image processing and data fusion techniques. Also includes work to evaluate and analyse seeker guidance system tests using dynamic infra-red scene projectors. Also includes work to understand small RF phased arrays and multispectral(radar & IR) sensors in the seeker context.

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72 and 73, Krishna Reddy Colony, Domlur Layout, Bangalore 560071, India
Accord Software & Systems designs and manufactures innovative solutions to help Customers maintain a Competitive advantage in their markets and achieve their business goals.
Harmandere, FEMSAN Elektrik Motorları A.Ş., Şehit Mehmet Güney Sokak, Pendik/İstanbul, Turkey
FEMSAN has succeeded to have a respectable range of products and services in the field of electric motors by improving its coefficient of experience, knowledge, and skills since it has begun to its services by producing Brushed DC Motors in 1989.

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