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The aircraft cabin design is a combination of floor planning, information and entertainment integration, installation, safety regulation implementation, and interior decorating – all inside the limited confines of an airplane. Aircraft cabin design encompasses everything from window dressings and seat fabric to lighting, screen placement, and wiring.

An aircraft seat map or seating chart is a diagram of the seat layout inside a passenger airliner. They are often published by airlines for informational purposes and are of use to passengers for the selection of their seats at booking or check-in.

Seat maps usually indicate the basic seating layout; the numbering and lettering of the seats; and the locations of the emergency exitslavatoriesgalleysbulkheads, and wings. Airlines that allow internet check-in frequently present a seat map indicating free and occupied seats to the passenger so that they select their seat from it.

In addition to the published seat maps from airliners, there are a number of independent websites that also publish seat maps along with reviews of individual seats, noting the seats that are particularly good (extra legroom, quiet cabin, etc.) or bad (lack of recline, unusually cramped, missing window, etc.).

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