Square-Biz is a kind of Private Intelligence service, but in a different way than the usual one.
We also provide innovations in several fields, including Defense.

Square-Biz is a kind of Private Intelligence Service,  but in a different way than the usual one.


We provide an “Intelligence” service in the true sense of the term. Intelligence” is not used by us for anything else than “Smartness”.  So, from us, “Intelligence” is not spying, but in its original definition of “Adaptation”, in 4 ways:


  1. The ability and the skills to know where to look at,
  2. The ability and the skills to know how to get the right and useful information among numerous ones,
  3. The ability and the skills to know how to understand, analyze, and link them,
  4. The ability and the skills to know how to use them the most efficiently to target a change of the coming next future.


What We can reveal about some of our successes:

In 2015, We warned Cuba about our statement expressing the death of the Castro brothers before the end of Obama's presidency. It happened. Fidel died really, and Raul died politically.

In this statement, We also expressed the point that something global, like WW3, will happen in 2020. It happened, and is happening, with the pandemic which is not “natural”.


We collect, trade, and deal with sensitive information which is forgotten, ignored, or despised, like certain details which seem to people insignificant and harmless, in any field like politics, economics, legal, finance, defense, etc.

According to this information, We provide in addition, some specific services that We named “Environ-Mental Profiling”. It is like the work of a “profiler” in criminal investigations, but, instead, to define mainly the mind profile of a criminal and the past, We do it about the past, present, and future, and about a full environment (a related and unrelated situation, people, aims, actions, involvements, financial, political, legal, military and/or economic statements, etc.) in order to analyze what is really going on, to understand what is really coming next, and so, to elaborate a full strategy to change the future of a situation in a better way, fitting the aim of the client.


We provide these specific services to some agencies, Defense departments, governments, countries, and companies which are in a delicate situation at the current time, or which will be in the coming future...


And when We work for a client, We work exclusively for the latter during the time of the contract, by keeping anyway, of course, full confidentiality.

We don't ask for any information from the client, We provide the latter with an intelligent unusual way of thinking and reasoning.

Our offer is to rent them out a “Brain”, a “MasterMind”.


When We have a ready solution, it is because We have already elaborated the means to apply it for the best benefits of the client, meaning We have the knowledge of some sensitive information that even secret services cannot have, or at least, in full, and so, are unable to understand and to use them appropriately and efficiently in order to be able to build multiple strategies according to a global realistic point of view.


So, We don't compete usual “Intelligence Services”, We are complementary, aside since We are not in the same category...



Aside, We also provide innovations in several fields, including Defense.



We can also be useful for companies that will have to face some difficulties in any field (politics, economics, legal, finance, media), and depending on the needs, We can open an office in their country, or in the targeted one, in order to be more reactive and efficient.


Anyway, it is always better to have us on your side, since We can be useful for any mediation by providing another point of view that can disturb your opponent... One key to success...


Best regards.

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