Simple, quick and continuous connection with PALS Ka Band antenna series.

Simple, quick and continuous connection with PALS Ka Band antenna series. When you need to be on air faster, PALS antennas keep you just connected with "one touch and live" feature with minimal training; the extreme ease and acquisition speed will guarantee you will not miss any opportunity. 

We present you a turnkey solution for broadcasting, data and emergency communication needs. Reliable PALS KA Band Antennas offer a cost-effective solution for broadBand access. This lightweight and strong terminals with special vehicle mounting interface can be installed on a wide range of vehicles without having to make structural changes. 

Offset reflectors, 16 bit chip resolver, GPS, compass and true inclinometer makes that drive-away possible to auto acquire satellite within 2 minutes.


Key Features 

  • One-Touch Operation
  • Strong yet lightweight Carbon-Fiber (PKM-77Ka) design which rigorously tested to operete in the toughest environments (wind, rain, sun . ..)
  • 0,01° pointing accuracy with resolvers at 3 axes
  • Fully motorized driving mechanism with zero backlash gear system
  • Prime Focus antenna and feed system
  • Low power consumption optional De-lce system
  • Manual drive tool kit for emergency situations
  • Easy vehicle integration



  • MIL-STD-810G Compliant
  • MIL-STD-1472 Compliant
  • MIL-STD-188-164A Compliant
  • ITU-RS-580 Compliant
  • ITU-RS-465-6 Compliant
  • EUTELSAT Compliant



PKM-75Ka is an easy to use and very portable Drive Away Prime focus, offset antenna system includes 75 cm parabolic reflector with two axes pedestal. Pre-galvanized steel with a powder coat finishing enables corrosion resistance and long use time in rugged environments. PFA-75 meets different application standards.


Fully motorized and "EUTELSAT type approved" PKM-7 7Ka provides uninterrupted İnternet connection while mounted on the roof of ali types of vehicles. The perfectly shaped Carbon - Fiber POD and back cover improves aerodynamics and aesthetics. PALS new generation PAC-500 allows one button auto acquisition also anttena can be controlled easily by mobile devices and any web browser by using Wi-Fi iP router. PKM-7 7Ka comes along with EUTELSAT Tooway kit and antenna is ideally suitable for SNGs, corporate, data and emergency communication. 


Advanced design and high precısıon is code of PKM-98Ka. it is compatible with EUTELSAT Tooway ISP services and includes EUTELSAT Tooway kit. Easy one button auto acquisition is provided by PALS new generation PAC-500. The antenna is suitable to use for SNGs, corporate, data and emergency communication. PKM-98Ka specifically designed for more Bandwith. ldeally shaped antenna POD improves aerodynamics driving and keeps antenna safe. 


Robust and easy to use satellite antenna PKM-120Ka provides high-speed İnternet access with configured satellite. PALS new generation PAC-500 lets you operate it with easy one button auto acquisition. it is compatible with EUTELSAT Tooway ISP services. The antenna is suitable for SNGs, corporate, data and emergency communication. PKM-120Ka drive-away antenna system has one piece of high accuracy, prime focus reflector. PKM-120Ka is a quick deploy antenna and suitable for reliable fast connectivity with the most Bandwith. 



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