7555 Marketplace Dr, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344, United States

Shadin Avionics

7555 Marketplace Dr, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344, United States


Shadin Avionics is a leader in the design and manufacturing of aircraft fuel management an engine monitoring products, data converters, and avionics interface systems for commercial, business, defense, special mission, unmanned, and general aviation.


Shadin Avionics has been supplying reliable avionics and unmatched support for more than 40 years, one-third of the time since the Wright Brother’s first flying machine! Throughout that rich history, Shadin has developed a reputation for unmatched product quality and unwavering support.

Now, in our fifth decade and under new ownership, we are excited to apply over 100 years of executive team aerospace experience and a uniquely developed and customizable product technology to revolutionize aircraft system integration with unparalleled agility and expertise.

While the end result combines various technologies, products, engineering, certifications, service and support, the core of Shadin’s unique solutions are embedded electronics products.

From our Flight Performance solutions such as the DigiFlo and ADC2000 that have been in the marketplaces for many years, to our AIS and Volta families of COTS and MOTS data convertors, Shadin products are designed to add value, built with quality, and supported faithfully.

We have a solution for almost any aircraft that flies. Our AIS and Volta platforms are flexible in their function and provide unique value for specific avionics applications. Shadin’s broad product portfolio provides unique solutions and are customizable to meet the need of any aircraft while maintaining their certification. Over the years Shadin has worked with some of the top aircraft manufactures and more collaborations are happening every day, meaning new STCs are consistently being produced.

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7555 Marketplace Dr, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344, United States
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