As contract manufacturers, we’ll produce your component or assembly at any quantity with speed, quality, and integrity.

As contract manufacturers, we’ll produce your component or assembly at any quantity with speed, quality, and integrity. As engineers, we’ll act as an extension of your team to develop validation processes, test products, and design for manufacturability. As problem solvers, we’ll collaborate and innovate to answer your toughest challenges, anticipate your future needs—and stop at nothing to create your competitive edge.

Pulse Technologies is an advanced technology, engineering, and contract manufacturing company focused exclusively on medical device components and assemblies.

Since its founding in 1993, Pulse Technologies has made significant investments in next-generation capabilities for the medical device industry. Beginning as a precision contract manufacturer, the company progressed into specialized surfaces and coatings. In 2005, we built a world-class custom manufacturing facility to meet the growing demands of our medical device customers.





Today, our professional staff of 250 includes R&D, design, and manufacturing engineers, quality specialists, and machine technicians who all know what it means to make a high-quality implantable device.

We also know how critical it is for you to get to the market fast. This is why we’ve built speed and responsiveness into everything we do, including giving you direct access to our professionals, no matter how sudden the need.




Quality is built into everything we do—with engineering designed to support it, employees are expected to uphold it, and equipment to measure and test it. Our commitment to quality includes real-time statistical process control on every machine; dock to stock and Kanban consignment for a streamlined supply chain; a full suite of metrology gauges, tools, fixtures, and equipment; and continual review of every process, validated against best practices and shared with every partner.




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