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Mega Radar is the only printed circuit board terminal producer in Turkey since 1996.


Our Story

Mega Radar is the only printed circuit board terminal producer in Turkey since 1996.

The family business running for 3 generations is increasing its production capacity and getting more corporate with each passing day. We also have a story that leaves smiles on faces: Company owners who planted plum trees as the workers of our current factory are now eating the fruits under their shadow and talking with the new generation about how to improve the organizational culture they have built. Experience and technical know-how have united with the globalization and innovation mindset and dynamic energy of the following young generation. Mega Radar is even more powerful, visionary, and sticking to its principles than before! Since its establishment, Mega Radar is spending an incredible effort to support the perception of the “quality product and trusted service” it created which is one of the leading factors of preference in its market.

Mega Radar produces with international standards and always stands behind its product, creates long-term sincerity and trust-based business partnerships, and always keeps quality and service standards on top. Mega Radar’s focus is the satisfaction of its users. As the advantages of being the only producer in Turkey; fast product delivery, keeping stock, after-sales service, need-based design & product development, return/change, and easy turns of payment can be listed as other factors of preference.



Quality Policy

* It is our commitment to design high-quality products by prioritizing human safety, respect for the environment, high technology,

* By protecting the environment and preventing pollution,

* Creating safe and healthy working conditions, eliminating hazards, and reducing occupational health and safety risks to prevent injury and health deterioration,

* Creating methods for the consultation and participation of employees,

* Defining all applicable legal, financial, operational, and institutional regulatory requirements by considering inputs from customers, personnel, and all related parties,

* By meeting the current and future expectations of our customers and increasing their customer satisfaction,

* To be an exemplary and pioneering company in the electronics industry by constantly improving our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO 10002 Management Systems and complying with legal regulations.



Objectives and Principles


Customer satisfaction is integral for us.

We devote ourselves to the quality of what we do and create a difference with our passion. Our first priority is to answer our customer's expectations on the shortest notice, with precision, quality, and sustainability. Our services are delivered at a time, with promised circumstances and we approach our customers with transparency, respect, fairness, and equality. Standing behind our products in all circumstances, and standing by our customers after-sales is our biggest principle.

We strive to create a happy working environment.

We provide an honest, fair, happy, secure, and healthy working environment. Increasing the efficiency of our employees while making the most use of their skills, enabling development, and creating a working environment with cooperation and unity is our target. We support innovation and reward creativity. We are aware that service quality comes with happy and efficient working.

Work ethics and honesty is our principle.

In relation to our customers and suppliers creating mutually beneficial, fair, understanding, and well-intentioned connections while obeying the law and ethical rules is always our principle.

We are sensitive to Earth, humans and animals.

All living beings are vital to us. Our acts are very sensitive to human rights, animal rights, the protection of nature, and education. We contribute to activities of NGOs for doing good to planet Earth and all living beings inside it.


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