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Research to determine the properties and characteristics of joints between metallic, or ceramic or polymer-based materials, or between dissimilar combinations of these material types, etc. Research to improve joining/bonding processes used for any of the above cases, such as adhesive, diffusion, welded, interlayer, pre- and post-joining treatments, etc. Also includes the application of cost-effective joints in all service environments.

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T5 - 25 Sharjah Airport International Freezone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Advanced Armour Engineering is a medium-sized privately held company specializing in precision mechanical welding, precision cut, and cold-formed components.
225 Yeolumul-ro Seo-gu Incheon, Incheon 22825, South Korea
SVM is specialized in precision welding, machine work, and sub-assembly based on component technology. We serve various industries such as semiconductor, display, solar, cryogenics, nuclear energy, medical, aerospace, and defense industry.

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