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Research to understand IR focal plane arrays and passive mm wave imaging, making use of advanced super resolution algorithms. Also includes relevant mathematical techniques, and hardware and software implementation. Also includes work to understand HF sonar imaging, and real time image processing to support unmanned vehicles, machine vision and AFV crew aids. Also includes research to improve understanding of algorithms used for target detection, recognition and identification purposes in weapon and countermeasure system applications, and also used for weapon dynamics, guidance and weapon/target interactions.

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Çınar, Unıversal Elektronik, Teknoloji Ltd. Şti., Tahsin Bey Sokak, Maltepe, Istanbul, Turkey
We are a producer of high-end INFRARED ILLUMINATORS which are used as NIGHT VISION SUPPORT.
Downtown, Budapest, Hungary
TH-EXOVISION LTD. is a software development business specialised in real-time image/video processing.

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