Dynamic Engineering products are designed and manufactured in the USA.
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Dynamic Engineering products are designed and manufactured in the USA. The majority of assembly work is done in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in California. Since 1988 we have developed engineering, purchasing, assembly, and test capabilities to guarantee reliability in our products. This is evidenced by our AS9100 and ISO9001 certifications. Dynamic Engineering has a wide product line with embedded solutions for PCIe, PCI, PMC, XMC, IndustryPack, cPCI, cPCIe, PCI-104, PC104e, VME and VPX. We also work with custom requirements. Solutions include adapters/carriers to install one embedded format [i.e. PMC] into another [i.e. PCIe], utilizing available positions in current systems with existing or upgraded hardware. Other solutions include standard bus interfaces for example SpaceWire, 1553, and HOTLink. Custom designs are frequently implemented for special purpose buses and interfaces. Additionally, Dynamic Engineering provides chassis, power supplies, backplanes, breakouts, cables, and other support functions to complete each solution. Drivers, reference SW, and applications are supported for Windows and Linux. For information on specific products please visit our website www.dyneng.com.


Dynamic Engineering provides complete solutions. We can provide the board, adapter, cable, software, and support you require. We can make a custom cable to match our HW with your requirement or a custom driver to work with your particular version of an OS. Please contact us for your complete solution. [email protected]


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In addition to our Embedded Solutions Dynamic Engineering supports Solar and off-grid power requirements.   Our LiFePO4 11.6 KWH battery with BMS is a great combination of stored power, and available current [100 A]. Solar-Battery for more information.



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