DroneSec is a cyber-security and threat intelligence firm for drones.

We solve two key problems - the first is organisations wanting to innovate with drone operations but apprehensive about the data security and privacy risks that come with them. We reduce the legal, reputational and financial risks through an integrated Drone Security Management Platform.

The second problem set is malicious drones around critical infrastructure facilities. We use Threat Intelligence to monitor nearby drones, analyse trends, develop a security risk profile and gain an understanding of the threat landscape.

We give organisations that same situational awareness as cyber threat-intel, and do this by collecting various hardware and digital sources and fusing it into one. This provides an early warning system and common operating picture of drone incidents nearby.

Our vision is entwined with the people made to solve this problem set - hackers, drone pilots and fighter-jet pilots. 


276 Flinders St, Melbourne Australia VIC 3000, Australia
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