CSM Industry is a manufacturer of MULTI-PURPOSE TELESCOPIC EXCAVATOR for the defense sector.

The history of production in former Czechoslovakia began in 1967. It has been deployed in NATO countries and many international peacekeeping missions under the United Nations. Recently delivered to Slovak Armed Forces. The self-propelled multi-purpose landscaping machine mounted on automobile chassis (e.g. MAN, MERCEDES, TATRA, IVECO, KAMAZ, MAZ, URAL) is intended for the support of engineer troops and for immediate action to save lives, supporting combat missions, digging shelters, building bridges, dredging of base grooves and channels, building and maintenance of engineering networks. It is used as a crane or lifting machine plus a heavy excavator with 14,6 meters unique telescopic arm lifting up to 7 tons with rotating head 360 degrees. It plays an important role in military deployment, in securing technical means and structures supporting the operation of combat units or removing ruins in dangerous zones.

The great advantage of the machine UDS on the automobile chassis is:

» Fast deployment and movement also under extreme conditions

» Excellent machine passage even on heavy terrain

» Wide reach of the telescopic boom

» Vehicle control directly from the superstructure cabin (with micro travel mode for works where frequent short-distance movement is required).

Main Advantages:

> Mobility: Telescopic excavator on automobile chassis, large working radius with fast movement between positions. Excellent off-road capability, thanks to the automobile chassis.

> Working range: The unique construction of the telescopic boom with a sophisticated extension arms system allows reaching a horizontal range of up to 14.6m.

>Rotating head: The ability to rotate the tool in the full range n x 360 degrees increases machine variability during excavation works or with the use of additional attachments, e.g. hydraulic hammer, mulcher, nippers ....etc.

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CSM Industry, Daxnerova, Tisovec, Slovakia
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