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Bleed air is compressed air taken from the compressor stage of a gas turbine upstream of its fuel-burning sections. Automatic air supply and cabin pressure controller (ASCPCs) valves bleed air from high or low stage engine compressor sections. Low stage air is used during high power setting operation, and high during descent and other low power setting operations.

For turbine engines, those external units and components and integral basic engine parts go together to conduct air to the extension shaft and torque meter, assembly, if any. Includes compressor bleed systems used to control the flow of air through the engine, cooling air systems, and heated air systems for engine anti-icing. Does not include aircraft anti-icing, engine starting systems, or exhaust supplementary air systems.


That portion of the system is used to eliminate and prevent the formation of ice by bleed air in all parts of the engine, excluding power plant cowling which is covered by Chapter 30. Includes items such as valves, plumbing, wiring, regulators, etc.

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B.N.R. Exports, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
We are pleased to Introduce BNR EXPORTS as a 100% EOU established in the year 2000 Manufacturing precision machined and turned components.

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