ASU Baltija is an aviation engineering company which offers complex service and goods intended for the customers exploiting aircrafts as well as for special Interior and National Defense forces.


Joint-Stock-Company ASU Baltija was established at the beginning of 2005 by team-building of the laborious and creative collective of the employees. Long term experience of the employees allows implementing design, production, and equipment supply works successfully for modernization and repair of Mi-8/17 helicopters.

Thanks to successful activity ASU Baltija during this short duration of company lifetime has assumed the trust of buyers and many known manufacturers of aviation equipment and has contended the right to represent the Baltic region worldwide.

ASU Baltija offers complex services and goods intended for the customers exploiting aircraft and ships as well as for special Interior and National Defense forces.

Main directions of ASU Baltija activity:

  1. Supply of search and rescue as well as special-purpose equipment in Baltic countries and Eastern Europe.
  2. Supply of crew’s clothing.
  3. Modernization of helicopters by the installation of equipment for radio navigation and wireless communication, meteo and search locators, GPS navigation systems, searchlights, observation equipment, rescue winches, upgrading of light sources for the NVG-equipped missions, and others.
  4. Supply of spare parts of aircraft (Mi-8/17 and others, Eurocopter, Kamov, and Antonov).
  5. Organization of maintenance and overhaul of helicopters Mi-8/17 in certified repair organizations.
  6. Supply of specialized boats.

ASU Baltija has a big experience in working with Lithuanian governmental institutions, force structures, and rescuers. We provide qualified technical consultation and assistance to rescue services.


Islandijos rd. 217 - 9 Kaunas 49165, Lithuania
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