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Research to model, evaluate and analyse all types of armour systems in the context of armour/anti-armour and hard/buried target interactions and behaviour of the debris cloud. Also includes work on heavy armours and electric armours, including materials behaviour studies under extreme stress/strain rate conditions. Also includes mine effects simulation work and protective measures modelling. Also includes understanding anti-torpedo hardkill devices for ships and submarines.

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Islandijos rd. 217 - 9 Kaunas 49165, Lithuania
ASU Baltija is an aviation engineering company which offers complex service and goods intended for the customers exploiting aircrafts as well as for special Interior and National Defense forces.
International Armored Group - Ras al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
International Armored Group is one of the largest privately-owned armored vehicle manufacturers in the world.
T5 - 25 Sharjah Airport International Freezone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Advanced Armour Engineering is a medium-sized privately held company specializing in precision mechanical welding, precision cut, and cold-formed components.
Jet Cut - groupe Energie Métal ZI de Lavé, 43200 Yssingeaux, France
JET CUT has the widest range of waterjet cutting in Europe. We manage in real time your deported stock ensuring you an end-to-end traceability of your raw materials, scraps ans finished parts.
Tatou Armor
Tatou Armor
1207 Delaware Ave Wilmington, #431, Delaware 19806, United States
Tatou Armor is a brand dedicated to providing professional quality helmets for modern soldiers and law enforcement. Helmets are designed for better protection against real-world hazards and to meet the needs of today's law enforcement.

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