Our expertise in the defense industry spans more than two decades. The company is headquartered in the Republic of Bulgaria and its operations span in all major arms markets and services around the World.

The company holds a full license: Export/Import of weapons and special equipment. Transfer of weapons Third-country brokering activities with weapons and special equipment. The company is specialized in the export and trade of products from Bulgarian, European, Eastern-European, Russian, and other defense industry producers. We can offer the below-mentioned services to our partners:

Import/Export and trade of all types of conventional Weapons, Ammunition, military, and dual-use equipment. Organizing of licensed production of armaments and military equipment abroad with foreign partners. Transfer of Technology (TOT) Supply of Spare parts for military equipment Technical Assistance Logistic Assistance Training of Foreign specialists locally and/or in customer’s countries in the operation and maintenance of supplied military equipment. Supply of materials and equipment to major weapon and ammunition producers worldwide. Our long term experience and strong relationship with our partners gives us the advantage to offer unique opportunities to expand long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners and provides support of all export-import operations by providing competitive prices – unattainable by most, flexible and efficient operations and by using modern advanced marketing and customers’ settlement methods.

The main strategic goals that we pursue are to expand our activities to new regional markets around the world to expand the volume of our deliveries and the number of our partners around the globe. Our company operates in the world arms markets in full compliance with all resolutions of the UN Security Council and international arms control treaties. Our measure of success is the content of our partners.


Armaco JSC. 106 Belovodski Pat - Armaco Building, Sofia 1616, Bulgaria
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