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Academia refers to the world of education and research, including universities, colleges, and other institutions that are dedicated to advancing knowledge and promoting intellectual growth. Academia is often associated with the pursuit of higher learning and the creation of new knowledge through research, teaching, and scholarship.

A cluster is a group of related businesses, organizations, or individuals that are located in close proximity to one another and collaborate to promote economic development, innovation, and growth. Clusters are often formed around specific industries or areas of expertise, and can include universities, research institutions, and other entities that are involved in education, research, and innovation.

An association is a group of individuals or organizations that come together to pursue a common goal or interest. Associations can be formed for a variety of purposes, including professional networking, advocacy, education, and social or cultural activities. Examples of associations include trade associations, professional societies, and community groups.

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Sanayi Mah. Teknopark Bulvarı, Teknopark İstanbul, No: 1/9A, Üst Zemin Kat D:104-105, Pendik Istanbul 34906, Syria
Being one of the world’s most influential clusters in the defence and aerospace sectors.

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