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Defensebridge is the search engine that enables aerospace, defense, space, and industry 4.0 players to find their suppliers quickly and easily.


How can aerospace, defense, space, and industry 4.0 players use Defensebridge?


Suppliers are essential to any business. You may need a few or dozens of suppliers, depending on your inventory selection. Our interactive website allows users can filter search results to narrow down options and find precisely what they are looking for. They can search by category and input a specific location to narrow their search.


When users identify suppliers they would like to contact, they can do so quickly and easily through Defensebridge. Users can send a message directly to the brand, visit their website, or call their main telephone, making for a smooth and direct process for both users and suppliers. Suppliers can respond directly to the leads through the back end, or they can even respond through email.


Add your free listing and be a supplier!


Listings have all your desired features - descriptions, photos, maps, videos, categories, keywords, hours, and more. Adding an accessible business listing to Defensebridge is quick and easy. You can submit your listings yourselves, saving you time and effort. It usually doesn’t take any more than a few minutes.

Before starting, you can search to see if your business is already live on the website. If it is, you need to claim your listing. You can do this via the link, "Is this your listing? Claim it here". If it still needs to be listed, follow the simple steps below!




Listing Title, Summary Description, Description, Keywords for the search, Contact Information (E-mail, URL, Phone, Additional Phone, Address, Zip Code, Country, Reference), Instant messaging (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp), Additional Locations, Facebook page, Twitter page, Features, SEO (SEO Title, Slug URL, SEO Keywords, Description), Photo Gallery, Cover Image, Logo Image, Videos, Additional File.

Once we have approved your business listing, the listing will be immediately shown on Defensebridge. You can then log in to your sponsor account to change the details on your listing. However, all changes are subject to approval by us.


Benefits of a free supplier



If you have any questions regarding your listing, please email us