United States
by Eren Koprulu

Military Grade DC/AC Inverter

United States
by Eren Koprulu


Military Grade DC/AC Inverter

19” Rack , Pure Sine-Wave
“24 Vdc” INPUT
“220 Vac / 50 Hz” OUTPUT

Military Grade DC/AC Inverter

Especially suitable for “Mobile” and “Stationary” use with “IP-20” protection class. Made to comply with stringent Military Specifications for Shock, Vibration, Temperature, EMI/RFI and Electrical Transients. Unit is cooled by internal fans and has a height of “2U”.

Summary of Technical Specifications of “28 Vdc / 220 Vac - 50 Hz” Inverter:

Brand / Model                                                       Poweration; "PWR-lK0-INV"
Manufacturer                                                        ELSiS A.S.
Output Power                                                       1000 VA/ 800 W (under linear load)
Input Voltage Range                                             20-33 Vdc
Ripple Reflected to Input                                      Less than 200 mV rms
DC Input Compatibility                                          MIL-STD-1275B
Noise Reflected to Input                                       Less than 500 mV under full load
No-Load Power Dissipation                                  Less than 80 W
Input Protection                                                    Electronic shut-off when input voltage is out of                                                                                             operation range.
Output Voltage Stability                                        220 Vac; +/-1% (can be tailored to customer request)
Output Frequency and Stability                            50 Hz; +/-0.5%
Output Power Factor                                            0.8
Output Wave Form                                               Sinusoidal

See attached pamphlet for additional Technical Specs..

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United States
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