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IMES Sanayi Sitesi A Blok 1 Yukarı Dudullu, Turkey
+90 3D Digital Factory has the largest 3D printing capacity in the Middle East with more than 10 large format industrial printers with different technologies and materials.
39959 Catoctin Ridge Street, Paeonian Springs, Virginia, United States
Engineered for partners and resellers in the remote sensing industry, the Remote Sensing Payload Instrument, or RESEPI®, is a combined Dual Antenna GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation System, datalogger, LiDAR, camera and communications system.
39959 Catoctin Ridge Street, Paeonian Springs, Virginia, United States
The Inertial Labs team of skilled engineers provides expertise to help users select and configure from the models available: IMU-P Industrial, IMU-P Tactical (Stabilization), IMU-P Tactical (Standard) and Kernel-100.
Beijing, Room 1501-03, Building C Tiantongtai tech-finance , China
NTG5000 uses two wave ranges of infrared and visible light. it can be switched quickly with one key. It has the ability of detecting in all complex environment.
Dudullu OSB, 1. Cadde 18/1 Umraniye / ISTANBUL, Turkey
The PYX-100 Deployable X/Y Leo Tracking Antenna pedestal technology is specifically designed for quick-deployment LEO satellite tracking applications for short-term and permanent use.
12675 Danielson Ct., Ste 401, California, United States
With our "BC-2014" Ultra Compact 4-Bay Smart Battery Charger, up to 4 batteries can be charged simultaneously, including Li-Po Batteries (eg: 2xBB2590; 4xBB2847 batteries can be charged in less than 2 hours).
Dudullu OSB, 1. Cadde 18/1 Umraniye / ISTANBUL, Turkey
PFA-370 is designed as portable 3.7m antenna system. It can operate on C, X, Ku, Ka bands and in different configurations.
2108 St. George Avenue, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Quantix™ Mapper is a quick and easy to use mapping KEY BENEFITS solution. Now you can immediately view high resolution geospatial imagery on the spot – no other devices, internet or software required.
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