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February 1, 2022
  Optimal performance, minimal power demand   Because of its ability to deliver highly accurate position, v... (more)
January 26, 2022
Executive Summary The immediate human and economic cost of COVID-19 is severe. It threatens to scale back yea... (more)
January 24, 2022
  This white paper defines metal composites (MMCs) and explains the advantages and disadvantages of conventionally manufactu... (more)
January 20, 2022
  The Value of Project Management   Looking for a way to stay ahead of the pack in today’s competitiv... (more)
January 19, 2022
Low Earth Orbit Satellites: Potential to Address the Broadband Digital Divide As the Coronavirus Disease 2019 ... (more)
January 12, 2022
  How to Write an Effective Technology White Paper   ... (more)
January 12, 2022
DEFENCE WHITE PAPER - A secure, sovereign and prosperous Malaysia The Defence White Paper (DWP) represents the... (more)
January 9, 2022
Eliminate 7 Wastes from Your Supply Chain In difficult economic times, lean thinking strikes a chord for manuf... (more)
January 3, 2022
  The militarisation of space   ... (more)
January 2, 2022
  How Project Management, PPM and the PMO Work Together  ... (more)
January 1, 2022
  Accelerating Martian and Lunar Science through SpaceX Starship Missions ... (more)
January 1, 2022
  The Future of the Drone Economy   Global Market The global drone economy w... (more)
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