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September 19, 2022
  Introduction   The US Department of Defense (DOD)... (more)
September 17, 2022
  Introduction   &l... (more)
September 16, 2022
INTRODUCTION   Inertial navigation has been a key element of missi... (more)
September 15, 2022
By Michael E. O’Hanlon   What is the future of the aircraft carrier for the U.S. Navy?  ... (more)
September 10, 2022
  Executive summary   The issue of ballistic missile defense (BMD) was a controversial one when US Preside... (more)
September 5, 2022
Introduction   1. Wawasan 2035 continues to define Brunei Darussalam’s forward-looking nation-building vision. Th... (more)
September 1, 2022
KISHI Nobuo Minister of Defense   The international community is cur... (more)
August 29, 2022
  Innovation to drive new opportunities   In 2022... (more)
August 22, 2022
Urban Air Mobility (UAM) as a concept was defined by NASA as “safe and efficient air traffic operations in a metropolitan area for manned aircraft and unmanned ai... (more)
August 21, 2022
The United States has actively pursued the development of hypersonic weapons as a part of its conventional prompt global strike (CPGS) program since the early 2000s. In... (more)
August 11, 2022
Executive summary An email inbox is a challenging place, both to get to and to remain in. Despite the advances... (more)
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