5 White Paper Examples & Templates to Use Right Away

5 White Paper Examples & Templates to Use Right Away

White papers are a great way to educate readers and prospective customers on topics related to your business.

They're also useful for building authority and thought leadership in your industry, generating leads, and aiding your customers' decision-making.

In this post, there is a list of 5 white paper examples and templates for professionals.

The best part? You can edit them online, share them with your team or download them for free. Pick the template you like from the table of contents below and start designing your white paper.


1. Innovation White Paper Example


This business white paper template is great if you’re a tech brand or startup or focused on innovation and disruptive solutions, especially because of its modern design.

Some brands that can use this white paper in their marketing include web design and software companies. If it seems like a good fit, you can get started by adding your own content.



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2. Cybersecurity White Paper Example


White papers tend to be centered around in-depth and complex topics, and cybersecurity is no different. This template takes on a futuristic design to match its topic, with a number of icons and data visualizations helping to keep readers engaged.



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3. Engineering White Paper Example


Here's another great white paper example that focuses more on a greyscale color scheme with a minor accent color that draws attention to just a few of the more important sections.




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4. Technical White Paper Example


In general, white papers are considered a form of technical writing. They use formal language and industry jargon, and they highlight very complex topics. This white paper example is the pinnacle of technical writing content, and is a great go-to if you're not sure what kind of design you should be looking for.



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5. Organizational Design White Paper Example


A stark contrast to the red accent color, we have a cool color scheme with blues and greens for this organizational design white paper example. This is a great color scheme to use for a more creative industry or topic.



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by Brian Nuckols 


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